Testimonials or: Creden-Tails


"Merry Christmas Corinna and everyone at Mutt Lodge;
Just wanted to express our deep appreciation for the care you gave to Maya while we were away. She was lovely when we picked her up. The bubble bath and blow dry you gave her was wonderful, thank you so much.

You were right, she has been asleep almost the whole time she has been home......back to the doggie park to see her old fur-buddies tomorrow. We are almost as tired as she is, so we are all home today catching up on our rest. We need a vacation after our vacation! It was a very busy time away.

Thank you again for all your care of our girl. We must bring her back for a weekend in the future.

Beverley and Mike McAllister ( and Maya)


Hi Corinna, I just want to send you a big THANK YOU and how pleased I am with Mutt Lodge in taking care of Kobe.

After every visit from the time he gets home, he is exhausted :) happy, in a good way. From what I observe, he has a fun and playful time. I am glad to have found you. It is so comforting to know that I am leaving Kobe in good hands and in a clean facility. I will be recommending Mutt Lodge to all my families and friends.

I've attached a picture for you of Kobe. It was taken after he got home from daycare. Thanks so much again Corinna!"

Linda and Garth Gullin, Brooklin


""Guiness is our 10-year old Labradoodle and has been going to Mutt Lodge since he was a puppy. Mutt Lodge is the best!

Guiness knows the route to Mutt Lodge and can barely contain himself when he knows we are going there. He runs to the door and is so happy and excited to see everyone that he does to even have a backward glance at me to say goodbye. I never worry about leaving him in Corinna's care, he has the best time and always comes happy and tired.

We changed Guiness to a raw food diet with Corinna's help five years ago after he got treatment for cancer. Guiness wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Mutt Lodge's help! I cannot say enough good things about Corinna and all the help and care."

Kelly and Greg Robertson, Toronto


"Hi, my name is Riley. My brother Beckett and I have been coming to Mutt Lodge for about 5 years. Now. We love going to Mutt Lodge!  When we get there we are so excited and can't wait for our mom to get us out of the car so we can see all our friends. We have such a good time. There is lots of room to run and play. When we get tired we can lay under a tree and cool off or have a cold drink from the water bowls that are out for us. Most important we have someone with us at all times, whether it is Corinna or one Of the other girls who take care of us. 

At night Corinna and the girls put us in the house where we eat and sleep. It is very comfortable and there are no crates that we go into. We can lay on the cool floor or sleep on the couches. We fall asleep fast as we are so tired from our day activities.   My brother and I will get our nails clipped by Corinna, which doesn’t hurt at all. 

For when our mom is going to pick us up she will book a bath for us. Oh man... does it every feel so good to have one and to be clean and smelling nice when mom comes to get us. When mom comes us we are so excited to see her but are also sad to leave Mutt Lodge. When we get into the car we both will fall asleep on the way home we are just so so tied from all our fun can’t wait to go back. I personally would recommend Mutt Lodge, it is a really nice and clean safe place to leave us pets!

  My mom has recommend Mutt Lodge to our friends and family. If you are looking for a daycare that CARES about your pet THIS is the place."

Thank you. Riley and Beckett (with a little typing help from mom Jackie, Scarborough, ON)


"This is Charlie after he spent the weekend at Corinna's. As soon as he came home he went on the couch and fell asleep in this position. Charlie loves Mutt Lodge and he knows when we get close because he gets so excited in the car. He knows he is going to see Corinna and will be playing with his friends. Thank you Corinna for having a fantastic place it really makes us feel so comfortable leaving him because we know he is in a special, terrific, wonderful and loving place."

When we go away on vacation I never worry about Charlie because I know he is in good hands and he is loved. I miss him but do not worry. As we get close to Mutt Lodge Charlie gets excited in the car and is happy to see the staff when they come to meet him at the car.

The staff genuinely care about your dog and you leave with a peace of mind.

Myron, Trish and Charlie Bartkiw, Whitby


"Mutt Lodge has been such a huge help in our life with our dog Daisy.
If we are heading out of town and unable to bring our dog along with us I have the utmost confidence in leaving her with Mutt Lodge. They are very easy to get in touch with either via email or phone, and are always polite and courteous in their reply. I feel safe leaving her there as the staff is all trained in first aid, which is a comfort given that my dog is the equivalent of my family.

Daisy gets so excited when we drive in the driveway, she knows where she is going, and never has any hesitation in going into the building. The Mutt Lodge building is clean, well lit, organized and easily accessible off of Hwy 7. Daisy is always welcomed by name and get so excited to see Corinna and the staff, all of whom are so wonderful with my dog. All of the staff has always been very accommodating, very helpful and knowledgeable as well as professional.

Daisy enjoys herself at Mutt Lodge and always comes home looking her best after her stay at the "doggie spa" with a perfect "pet-icure" and a bath. She does enjoy coming home so she can recover from being tuckered out. A tired dog is a good dog!

I would provide nothing but a glowing endorsement of Mutt Lodge!

Karen and Daisy, Claremont


"Shelby has been attending Mutt Lodge as a regular day care customer for almost 5 years.  Shelby has a ball every day. She has a great temperament with all dogs and humans. I believe this comes from her interaction with the dogs and humans she comes in contact with while at Mutt Lodge. When Shelby comes home, she just wants her dinner, drink and then bed. She has had a full day of exercise and just needs a nap.

The girls at Mutt Lodge are great! They always have a friendly smile on their face and are very in tune with the dogs. On the way in the morning, she knows when I put the turning signal on and jumps up and cannot wait to get out of the car to start her day! Thanks so much guys."

Tracey and James Shaw, Oshawa


"Since Apollo has visited Mutt Lodge he has become a completely different dog. He is calm and relaxed on walks. When he sees other dogs he now knows when and how to approach with respect and does not get overly excited. I also do not require to crate Apollo when I am not home. Mutt Lodge is a life saver as I have complete confidence in leaving my dog any day and for several days without any concerns at all."

Frank D., Ajax


"Buddy has been with Mutt Lodge and the wonderful staff of Corinna, for many years. We adopted Buddy from the Humane Society about six years ago. Since he came with some issues, a neighbour recommended Mutt Lodge. Corinna's extensive knowledge, firm yet kind guidance worked wonders with Buddy. He is now a well-behaved, calm and happy dog.

Whether it's an overnight stay or daily visit, Buddy always is excited to go to Mutt Lodge. We feel secure that he is in the experienced, caring hands of Corinna and always appreciate availability for advice. We also appreciate the cleanliness of the facilities, the services offered and their informative newsletter.

Happy dog ... happy owner!

We're thankful to be part of the Mutt Lodge family and will continue to highly recommend them!"

Leslie & Family, Ajax


Dear Mutt Lodge,

I just wanted to thank you for yet another wonderful vacation that my pup Yeller enjoyed recently at your new facility up on Highway 7. As usual, he came home tired, clean and well-fed. He actually slept for a day and a half after his visit! I appreciate very much being able to leave him at your facility and not worry about about him being locked up in a cage, or fed the wrong food. I'm not sure if you know but when Yeller was getting rather skinny and his fur was falling out four years ago, I brought him to see Corinna and she suggested that I switch from commercial pet food to a raw diet. I started feeding Yeller raw at that time, and have never gone back to regular dog food.

The results were rather dramatic. He gained 10 pounds, started smelling better, and his fur stopped falling out. It is very reassuring to know that I can drop him off for a stay at Doggieminder and his raw food diet will be maintained at no extra cost. Whenever I head north on Lakeridge Road now, with Yeller in the car, he starts whining like a baby. He knows we're heading to Doggieminder. I'm pretty sure he can't wait until my next vacation, so that he can go on his vacation.

I started bringing my previous dog to Doggieminder more than ten years ago when you were located down by the lake, and have never been anything but satisfied (though I must say your new place is larger, easier to clean, and smells so nice!!).

Thanks again for the great facility, and wonderful care and attention that you give my dog. Yeller thanks you too!

David Fordham, Whitby


"Thank you Corinna, for teaching me about the benefits of raw feeding my German Shepherd puppy! My puppy Zuma was developing allergies at such a young age and I realized that it was due to feeding my puppy kibble food. I had heard about raw feeding and began researching on the benefits of raw food diet and I purchased Corinna’s book and DVD. From the moment I watched her video and read her chapters on raw feeding, I was hooked. I went shopping with Corinna and she made it very easy for me to understand and purchase all the necessary items I would need to start my puppy off on the right track.

We are in week 3 of the transition and it has been wonderful seeing the benefits already to my puppy’s new way of feeding. Her detoxification has not been too traumatic and she absolutely loves feeding time as it has become a special bonding time for both of us. I highly recommend speaking with Corinna and buying her products to help with the transition of feeding kibble to raw. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!!

Zuma and I thank you from the bottom of our strong and healthy hearts!!!"

Barbara Paterson, Ajax


"After having tried several other doggie daycares, we can honestly say that Mutt Lodge outshines them all. Not only is Mutt Lodge a safe and warm place to leave your dog for the day, Corinna and her team, provide genuine loving care to their dog friends. Max loves spending time at Mutt Lodge with both his four-legged and two-legged circle of friends and family. Without a doubt Mutt Lodge is the best!

Oh, and by the way, our dog Max was born at Mutt Lodge, and is the most balanced and loving dog, a true one of a kind gem. Corinna, thank you for picking him for us. He’s perfect.

We appreciate the convenience of being able to have him stay with you and your experienced staff and have you feed him out of your own supplies at minimal cost."

Tania and Jim with Maximus the Goldendoodle, Holland Landing


"I would like to thank you for taking such good care of Princess. She came back a very happy dog (not the way I used to pick her up from the kennel) and she does not bark as much and is obeying better."

Liseta Deck, Pickering


"Our whole family benefits when Toby spends time with Corinna and her dedicated team at Mutt Lodge. Toby gets to pretend he's as big as the dogs he plays with, and we get peace of mind, knowing he is in the experienced hands of passionate, committed professionals.  When you know your dog will get the very same care and devotion that you provide, you know you don't have to look any farther than that well-worn patch of love and land in Pickering that our dog considers his second home."

Emil S., Toronto


"Tika and Seven have been visiting Mutt Lodge for over two years now - it'll be three for Tika. They both thoroughly enjoy their stay at Mutt Lodge getting to do what dogs love to do best and that's socializing with other dogs, either as overnight guests or for daycare.  We as a family appreciate the knowledge Corinna has provided for training and the raw diet. We're so glad we made the diet change and we have Corinna to thank for helping us get through the early adjustment stage. The dogs have been loving raw food ever since they were pups.

Thanks for taking care of our babies."

Cathy and Paul Silva, Whitby


"Maverick has been visiting Mutt Lodge for years now, starting not long after the move to the new location. I am so grateful that we found Mutt Lodge through a friend - it is just so nice to know that Maverick can stay at a place where I know he is well looked after and loved by Corinna and all of the staff. He visits regularly for doggie daycare and then whenever I have to be away. When I pick him up, his nails are clipped and, after longer stays, he's all bathed and smelling clean, not to mention completely exhausted from playing with all of his buddies! ('ve also attached a photo of what Mav looks like after playing all day)

Mav is a senior and was starting to get pretty crotchety on walks whenever we'd meet up with a new dog. Going to doggie daycare regularly has completely re-socialized him and I no longer have to worry about his reactions while we're out enjoying our walks.

I always look forward to chatting with Corinna at pick-up time and sincerely appreciate all of her helpful advice and how generously she shares her extensive knowledge about pet care. Congratulations on your anniversary and I wish you all much success and many more!"

Julie Powell and Maverick, Oshawa


"Hi Corinna, I just wanted to update you with the dogs and the raw diet. I wanted to let you know that Jake and Maggie LOVE IT, so do we!! They really do seem excited for feeding time. We have noticed a huge improvement on everything you suggested such as, temperament, coat, teeth, amounts they are drinking and their poops!

It really has been an amazing transformation in such a short time. We just did our 2nd trip to the store so the first purchase lasted us about 5 weeks. I really did want to thank you because we really are very happy with switching."

Take care, Michelle, Whitby


"Hi Corinna, I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate the new Newsletter. It is so informative and attractive. Having been responsible for a newsletter in the past I know how much time and effort goes into the development and publishing of your endeavour. We loved it all and can hardly wait to see Mocha in the birthday column.

Your timely article on heartworm was a great refresher but it also led me to think about our initial conversations and contacts, regarding Mocha more than a year ago. If you remember Mocha was a “problem” for us. You and your team of professionals have helped to “work a miracle”. Your suggestions for a raw diet, homeopathic treatments, Saturday training sessions and the ongoing professional care and assistance of you and staff at Mutt Lodge, have made it possible for us to have a loving and loved pet instead of a “problem”. Every member of our family has noted at some time that “We don’t know what we would have done without the commitment of Corinna and her staff”. Your helpful suggestions and the time spent answering questions and addressing concerns has been invaluable.

Mocha just loves coming for daycare. She jumps up and down at the door when we tell her we’re going to Corinna’s. I’m always impressed with how clean and fresh your daycare is when we drop off and pick up and Mocha never has that “kennel smell” when we bring her home. Your facility is so well planned, set up and staffed, we feel very comfortable leaving Mocha with you even for overnights and holidays.

Again, many thanks to you and your staff for all that you have done for Mocha and for our family."

Rosanne Elliott, Whitby


"First and foremost I must tell you how inspiring you are! I came to the taping of your raw-feeding seminar and I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear you speak. It was so informative and encouraging.

I am new to owning a dog and when I got Sadie she was being fed a raw diet and I decided that I wanted to continue, even though I had a lot of push from others not to. It just makes so much sense to feed them the way nature intended them to eat. So by coming to your seminar I felt so empowered! *Thank You.*

I actually came home and told my husband that I would love to do what you do. I grew up wanting to be a vet and I still wonder why I didn't follow through on it. But what you do is amazing, I now know where I would take Sadie if I ever needed to go away. Your passion for animals is so apparent that I know she would be in good hands.

You really opened my eyes to treating dogs naturally. When I looked in your cabinet on the wall in the classroom - I was like "wow, you can use that stuff on dogs too..." I use those remedies on myself and my son, I never knew.

I also bought your book and found that it was very informative and thought provoking. I've been telling others about it and have been encouraging them to research these topics themselves. Please let me know when your next book is available.

Elena Wheeler