For Repeat Customers

If you have brought your dog to us before: Simply email us with your requested drop-off and pick-up date along with the name and breed of your dog. Please put “Booking Reservation for …” (name of your dog and the breed) in the subject line. Thank you. If you leave the subject line blank your email will end up in our junk folder. We will email you a confirmation with all information you need within two business days.

For new clients, please schedule an introductory visit first. See instructions below.


Requirements for Boarding

The policy at Mutt Lodge is that all dogs participate in an introductory visit prior to their actual first stay. This is a very important policy as it ensures the safety of our regular guests as well as our staff. This visit and tour of the facility are free of charge.


Introductory Visits are by Appointment Only

Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment!! We schedule introductory visits only on the weekend and spots are filling up quickly. In most cases we are unable to accommodate last minute requests for drop-off of dogs we haven’t met before.

We suggest to book an introductory visit, even if you don’t have immediate travel plans or have a regular sitter for your pet. It is always good to have a back-up plan in case you suddenly need boarding for your pet or your regular dog walker is unavailable.

The safety of our boarding guests as well as our staff is our highest priority so we ask you to plan ahead. Once you and your dog have participated in our initial visit, toured the facility and received the necessary paperwork, we are just a phone call away ~ even last minute!

Visits to our facility include bringing your dog! We do not schedule two visits, first for yourself and later again with the dog. We want to be time and cost efficient for you as well as our staff. 

For safety reasons, children under the age of 14 years are not allowed inside the facilities during the introduction. We do not screen our guest dogs how they behave around children as this is not a criteria for boarding with us.

Please note that for the safety of everyone retractable leashes are NOT permitted on our premises. Please bring your dog on a regular nylon or leather leash.

Please note that smoking is not allowed anywhere on our premises. We are a holistically inclined daycare and are trying to keep our boarding guests, staff and volunteers healthy and safe. Besides causing a fire hazard, one cigarette butt contains enough nicotine to kill a small puppy or a kitten when swallowed. Our staff is unavailable to pick up every single cigarette dropped in our parking lot, hence, the no smoking policy. Please respect our property. 


MUSTS for Doggie Boarding

Flea collars are not permitted on our premises.
Well groomed nails are a must for staying at Mutt Lodge. Long nails can be a hazard to other dogs and staff. Initial Nail Clippings are $15. Regular visits and maintenance clippings are $8. Prices are subject to 13% HST.
For dogs on kibble or canned food, we ask our clients to bring dog food from home. It can be very upsetting for a dog to have a temporary change in diet. Please bring only one bag for the dog’s entire stay, not individual daily ziplock bags. We like to be environmentally friendly where we can.

Vaccine-free and raw-fed dogs are very welcome!!

We suggest to do some research before agreeing to toxic treatments and over-vaccinations. Click on this link here and check out Catherine O’Driscoll Pet Vaccination Information or here get a copy of Dr. Martin Goldstein’s great book The Nature Of Animal Healing available at bookstores. It will show you amazing ways to keep your pet healthy naturally.

We recommend booking in advance to guarantee a spot.


Cancellation Policy And Early Pick-Ups

Payment for your pet’s entire stay is due in advance in full prior to drop-off.

Mutt Lodge has a strict NO REFUND POLICY once payment has been received. Refer to our CANCELLATION POLICY listed separately on our website.


Reservations Over Christmas And March Break

For any reservations over Christmas (December 20, 2019 to January 5th, 2020) or March break (March 1st to March 17th, 2019) there is a surcharge of $40.00 plus tax which is our bath fee. Over the holidays the dogs get so smelly that we don’t let anyone leave without one.


Personal Belongings

We ask that all pet carriers, leashes, beds, toys etc be taken home for your pet to enjoy when he or she gets home. We cannot be responsible for any items that are left behind either intentionally or inadvertently.

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