Mutt Lodge takes a limited number of dogs for boarding. When we reach full capacity, we turn away further booking requests.

Since we turn away booking requests once we reach our maximum boarding capacity, if you cancel last minute we have lost business that we were counting on and cannot replace with another customer. On short notice, pet owners have made alternate arrangement for their pooches when we informed them that we’re fully booked. It is similar to booking a hotel room or a resort spot with your family somewhere; we rely on 100% occupancy as well.

Furthermore, we don’t even charge a hefty surcharge during premium boarding times or require a minimum length of stay as many other places do! Our prices are consistently affordable all year around.

However, even during low season, we schedule our staff according to the number of boarding guests expected at Mutt Lodge. Please understand that even when we are not fully booked, last minute cancellations affect our daily business.

Last but not least, we’ve noticed a significant increase in reservations as a “back up”. Meaning, we book the dog in and send a confirmation and a couple of days later receive a cancellation as “a family member has come forward and offered to take the dog”.

Please respect our time!

It takes a staff member about 30 minutes to read your email, check the calendar booking system for availability, pull your file to verify everything is still up to date, send a response and a quote – and to cancel the whole thing again a few days later.

We do understand that plans change, but we ask you to check with family members, neighbours, friends and your other possibilities before emailing us to make a “just in case” reservation. It costs all of our customers, as we have to increase our prices for the wasted time of a staff member.

Imagine, receiving approximately 5 bogus reservations like this a day, that means one of our office staff has spent 2.5 hours on not making the facility any money but still having to be paid! We consider it also precious time taken away from looking after your daycare and boarding doggos.


The boarding fee for the requested boarding dates must be received 8 weeks prior to the date of drop off. This amount is non-refundable once received.

If the reservation is made less than 8 weeks prior to boarding, the fee is due at booking provided that we still have availability for boarding.

We recommend to reserve a spot early, especially during peak season to avoid disappointment.

We accept payments by e-transfer, cash or debit.

Additionally requested services such as doggo baths and in-house “Canine Love Raw” meals can be paid at drop-off and pick-up respectively.

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