Boarding Fees (Based on a single dog)

Boarding fees vary depending on the length of the stay of your dog.

We ask that you provide the food for your dog during boarding please.

Please note that we charge per overnight and not for a 24-hour period and then an extra day of daycare for the last day. The price for overnight is the same, no matter what drop-off and pick-up time you choose.

The dogs are having fun in our environment and we encourage you to drop your dog off in the morning and leave him till the evening of the pick-up day. This ensures that you are picking up a happily exhausted dog.

We do not charge extra for that ~ we consider this our job!


Prices are subject to 13% HST.

Each additional overnight stay after the 28th day is $26.00 plus HST.

Our dog is on a raw-food diet. Can you accommodate that?

YES, ABSOLUTELY! And we applaud you for feeding a species appropriate healthy diet to your pet. You have the option that we feed your dog from our supply of raw diet at and just add it to the cost at the end of your dog’s stay. You can even place a take-home order at drop-off and pick up meals for your dog at home after his or her stay. How good is that?

Please note that for raw food provided by you, not Canines Love Raw Brand, we charge $5 per day per dog storage fee. We have limited freezer space at doggie daycare, as we pull the meals for the overnight guests on a daily basis from our store. For raw food provided, we have to fire up a freezer for your supply, hence the extra cost.

We see a lot of dogs here with dental decay – even in younger years – see picture below. These issues as well as shedding, allergies, bladder- and ear infections as well as skin problems can be eliminated by you feeding a well-balanced raw diet. Come and see us for a free consultation. No more vet bills!

Reservations Over Christmas & March Break

For any reservations over Christmas or March break there is a surcharge of $40.00 plus tax. This includes ANY boarding reservation dates between March 1st to March 18th, 2020 as well as any boarding dates during December 20th, 2019 to January 5th, 2020.


Discount for a Second Dog

Our prices are calculated per dog and we do not offer a discount for a second dog

from the same household. Most of our competitors charge more for the first dog in order to allow a 10% discount to the second dog. If you compare prices with facilities who offer a similar crate-free and fun environment like ours you will notice that even with the second dog discount the total for both dogs is still higher than two dogs staying with us for the same time period. Most of our clients are single-dog owners and we keep our rates low for them as well to make boarding with us affordable for everyone.

Dogs cannot be picked up outside reception times. There is no exception to this rule. This is to ensure continuity of the program. We are happy to extend your dog’s stay an extra night. We will simply add an overnight fee to your account.

For clients who come unannounced outside our reception times, we will charge an extra overnight fee of $44 plus HST.

Prices are subject to change.

Pick-up and/or drop-off service for overnight stays is available upon request. Fee is based on distance.


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