Pet Care Made Easy” is a book by Corinna Bollmann
published by www.Paw-Press.com

Corinna Bollmann talks about pet food ingredients, holistic foods, raw diet, holistic remedies, the truth about vaccines and safe and healthy alternatives. This book has been called “The new doggie Bible” by many readers!


Healthy Complete Raw Meals for dogs – very affordable. Just thaw and serve! Each meal contains everything your dog needs in a day. No need for you to assemble meals yourself or add expensive and questionable supplements. Feeding RAW has never been simpler! Free seminars.


Connie Zhao is a registered massage therapist and acupuncturist for humans. She is a miracle worker for any of your problems or conditions. Connie will be glad to assist you getting well again and to make healthier choices for your family!


The term B.A.R.F. is the acronym for raw food. It stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods or Bones And Raw Foods.

The driving force behind this method of feeding is a man named Dr. Billinghurst. Dr. Billinghurst is an Australian veterinarian that has been practicing medicine since the 1960’s. Like all residents of Australia, Dr. Billinghurst fed his dogs table scraps and plenty of raw, meaty bones until kibble and canned food was introduced in the 1970’s. The introduction of kibble was promoted as the healthier and more responsible option for dogs. Unfortunately, it was soon realized that there was an increase in the amount of minor illnesses and ailments that the average dog was experiencing.

Dr. Billinghurst then switched his animals back to the raw diet and his suspicions were confirmed, the animals health improved. Dr. Billinghurst’s books can be purchased through the Barfworld web site or at www.dogwise.com.


Another informative website about Raw Diet. 

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