Describe a typical day. How often do they go outside and for how long?

We don’t have a set daily routine with the dogs. Every day is different and depends on the group of dogs who are here that day as well as the season and the weather.

Puppies, elderly dogs and dogs with a medical condition require a different routine than young healthy bouncy dogs who want to play and wrestle all day long with each other.

Dogs are grouped together by age, size, temperament, activity level and breed. For small dogs we always have a “cupcake group” so they can play together safely.

Indoor and outdoor time varies and gets adjusted based on individual needs, temperature and weather conditions. Our facility is heated/air conditioned.

Staff decides on daily activities based on experience, common sense and good judgement.

Our facility is on 10 acres of farm land, with approximately 1 acre fenced play areas for the doggos.


Do you have a kennel licence to operate the business?

We are fully kennel-licenced by the City Of Pickering Kennel Licencing department.

By-law officers come regularly and unannounced to inspect our premises to make sure everything is up to code. We are the only licenced facility in the Durham Region.

Our location has proper zoning and permits to run a Doggie Boarding Facility and is approved by the planning department of the City of Pickering. We also have a valid business licence, adequate insurance and of course is heated/air conditioned.

All staff members are re-certified in Pet First Aid every year and receive adequate hands-on training for the day-to-day activities and chores with the dogs.

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