Charlie and Guiness


“Charlie is our Lab- Poodle Mix and has been going to Mutt Lodge since he was a puppy. Our previous dog Guiness attended Corinna’s daycare since 2002 until he passed away. Mutt Lodge is the best!


Guiness knows the route to Mutt Lodge and can barely contain himself when he knows we are going there. He runs to the door and is so happy and excited to see everyone that he does to even have a backward glance at me to say goodbye. I never worry about leaving him in Corinna’s care, he has the best time and always comes happy and tired.


We changed Guiness to a raw food diet with Corinna’s help many years ago after he got treatment for cancer. Guiness would have not lived nearly as long if it wasn’t for Mutt Lodge’s help! I cannot say enough good things about Corinna and all the help and care. Charlie has only been on Canines Love Raw since he was a puppy. We wouldn’t feed him anything else!”


Kelly and Greg Robertson, Toronto